Consider process of how to build a shed easy

how to build shed easy
build a shed

Most people complain about not having enough storage space at one point or another. In addition to the items that need storage in a house, there are also various tools and equipment that cannot be taken into a house for storage. Precautions should be taken for this item as well as other items stored in the warehouse building.

Where the storage shed is one of the woodworking projects you need to consider. If a storage shed is one of the woodworking projects you are considering, this article discusses how to build a storage shed easy.

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You do not need to be highly skilled in woodworking to build a storage shed. All you need is to get your hands on woodworking plans and patterns to guide you on this exciting woodworking project.

Shed plans can be obtained anywhere for free or for a small price. Free shed blueprints may be obtained online but you will probably need to have these reviewed by a professional to ensure that they are descriptive enough to allow you to start and finish this project.

Shed plans that are available online for a fee are usually developed by professionals and include everything that you will need for the woodworking projects. They include step by step instructions, materials list, woodworking tools list, type of wood needed and the cuts required for the storage shed, etc.

Steps how to build shed

  1. location for the shed
choose location for building a shed
Location for build a shed

In order to build your outdoor storage shed, you will first need to determine the location for the shed. This will usually be based upon how much room you have to work with on your property. Is it going to be free standing or attached to your house?

  1. Plan drawings for shed construction
shed materials list and the cut sizes
materials list and the cut sizes

To ensure that you will have everything you will need for the woodworking project, professionally drawn up plans will be necessary especially if this is your first woodworking project. From these woodworking patterns and plans, you will have a materials list and the cut sizes for the wood and other materials that you can take to any lumberyard to get the items that you need. The shed plans will also help you determine the tools that you need that you can either purchase or borrow if you do not already have them in your possession.

  1. Start make foundation a shed
begin apply concrete for shed foundation
start concrete slab

A proper foundation for the shed is important and is the difference between a storage shed that will last for many years and one that will easily crumble. Professionally drawn up shed plans will usually include various options for foundations for your wood storage shed that will work such as concrete slab, wood, etc.

 foundation finish with concrete slab
concrete slab finish

After the foundation for the wood storage shed is laid, the walls will then need to be build per the specifications of the professionally drawn up shed plans. Unless you are adept at using another method, it will probably be best to construct the walls on the ground and then simply lift them into position.

  1. Now, roof and the trusses
roof and the trusses
roof and the trusses

You will then use the professionally drawn up shed plans for building the roof and the trusses. Once this is completed, the end walls will then need to be built.

wood material for wall
wood material for wall

The majority of the work will be completed by this stage. The next step then is to determine the trim for the outdoor storage shed that will complement the wood storage shed as well as your property. You may want to take your time to complete the trim to ensure perfection.

  1. finishing by trim and attach shingles roof

One of the final steps after the wood trim is to then attach shingles to the roof. Properly treated wood is important for the shingles. Choose protective coating that is guaranteed to last for a long time in addition to protecting the wood from environmental elements. You can stain, paint or varnish this wood for the shingles for your outdoor storage shed.

mounting bolts on the trusses
mounting bolts on the trusses

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