How to Build a Shed Door From Scratch

How to Build a Shed Door From Scratch
Shed Door

Any kind of DIY project can be challenging if you do not have many good building skills, but one woodworking project that can be easily achievable is to build a shed door by yourself. This is quite simple when you have the know how and many people find they can easily get it done within a short period of time, typically an afternoon is sufficient for this construction task. Additionally, when you research how to build a shed door yourself you should be pleasantly surprised at the amount of materials required. It only takes a few items to get started and build your own shed door in no time.

How to build a shed door from scratch

Just Example case:

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  • Total opening 64 3/4″
  • Each door frame is 32″
  • Wide and 76″ tall
  • The sliding on one door
  • Will extend 1″ past the frame

Tools needed

  • Circular saw
  • Measure Tools like Swanson Square
  • Work Table, or Sawhorse
  • Drill and Screws

Step :

  1. Position the door
position a shed door first
position a shed door first

The first thing that you need to do when you are building shed doors is to make sure that when you build the siding or walls of the shed you leave a space for the door. This will usually be a square or just a regular door shape. This may seem obvious, but I have seen many people get this wrong! This shed door frame should be measured and wood needs to be found to make the shed door with. When measuring the shed door, its important to leave a slight gap in between the edge of the shed door and the shed walls. This is so that the door can be closed properly without it getting stuck or jammed. Its even more important to make sure that the door is big enough to close the gap and it does not leave any extra space. This is a harder problem to fix than if you are building a shed door which is too large.

  1. Paint the door
paint shed door
paint shed door

It is the obvious choice to use the same wood that you used to build the shed walls and roof with, but if you are following a plan or have designed a shed with a different type of wood or you would like a more unique, custom made look to your shed then you can choose a different color or style of wood. The purpose of painting this door is so that the wood on the door takes longer to weather. Just make sure that the wood you are using the build a shed door with is pressure treated or suitable for use use outdoors. make sure first clean head nail before painting.

clean head nail
clean head nail before painting

This is an important step to make sure that when you are building a shed for use in the garden it doesn’t get damaged and fall apart as soon as it starts to rain.

You can also paint the door at the beginning and then attach the frame to where the door is located. You can also paint it at the end of the project.

  1. Make some wooden planks in thin strips
use several planks of wood in thin strips
use several planks of wood in thin strips

Now, that you have measured the space you are building a shed door in, its time to get the materials together. For the purpose of this free shed plan tutorial I am going to use several planks of wood in thin strips for the shed door. You should get at least 5 of these to build a shed door with. You can have as many as 15 pieces of timer for the door depending on the size of the shed you are building and obviously the size of the planks of lumber. Arrange these boards to fit the door next to each other as you would like them to be arranged for the shed. If you are not using a type of pressure treated lumber for building with, then make sure that you apply a coat or two of primer to the wood and allow it to dry before continuing.

The instructions should tell you what to do on the specific jar or tin of primer you are using. You may need to cut them down to the exact dimensions of the shed door area before you continue, unless you are using a building a shed kit.

  1. Drill screws to frame a door
drill screws
drill screws

Next stage of building a shed door is to actually drill screws to nail it together. This is done by using 5 extra wooden boards like the ones you have just used to build the main part of the door with. To start with, take 3 wooden planks that are just slight smaller than the width of the door. Place them equally apart on the inside of the door. Once they are in place use a strong glue to attach them there and leave it to dry. Once this is dry you need to hammer in the nails into the planks. This is to secure the door together, be sure to use an adequate amount of these in a zig zag or straight line pattern in double rows to ensure the door is held together securely. Do not add them too close together as this can cause the wood to split.

Glue was simply used to hold the door whilst the nails were being properly inserted. It is beneficial to add glue in between each of the door planks whilst they are being built to add extra strength and durability to the shed door and should make it last longer in the long run in the climate of the outdoor garden. The next step is to take the 2 remaining plank and add them diagonally to match up the horizontal planks of wood. These should be added in just the same way.

  1. Final step – Add the hinges to the shed door
hinges to shed door
hinges to shed door

Next, and final step is to add the hinges to the shed door and to the newly built shed itself. Select large, thick hinges and make sure they are properly attached to the shed. Around 3 to 6 hinges are sufficient for building a shed door depending on its size.

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